late night art

As I sit here doing what the cool kids call “vibin”, I feel inspired. Very disrespectful of my brain to do this to me at this time of night when my creative resources are scarce. Very disrespectful indeed.

My creative juices are already flowing, so I might as well get them out the only way I can at the moment, which is by drawing spontaneous little nothings on adobe illustrator. Special thanks to my little sister for letting me borrow her iPad to make these. I simply cannot create a single graphic on my comically tiny iPhone 5s screen.

Image one: Pretty self explanatory.

Image two: Anxiety + soup is a good combo I guess.

Image three: Uh, Hamilton we shall call it? Yeah, sounds fine. The historical broadway phenomenon is apparently really popular, although overrated. I mean, how would I know though? I’ve never seen it, so I can’t say anything.

Image four: A dog that I met on Sunday in Musella, Georgia. 🙂

Image five: Taken directly from The Lumineers’ album cover of the same name, here we have a half finished sketch of the lovely Cleopatra. Fun fact: I was obsessed with the history of Cleopatra in the 5th grade, and even went as far as dressing like her for Halloween. Good times.

That’s a wrap, folks. I really have no idea how to end blog posts anymore, so here’s a soccer ball for no reason: ⚽️

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Hi, I’m Rebekah. I’m an illustrator, writer, and ventriloquist. One of those things I just mentioned is a lie.


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