squirrel girl’s digital footprint • a clara + rebekah collaboration

And that is how this collaboration came to be.

I often wonder what I will be known for. How will my internet friends remember me? How with the world remember me?

These are the questions that plague my existence.

The internet is a neat place because I can choose how people view me. I choose the lenses. I choose how I’m filtered. It’s a blessing and a curse.

My days are often spent chasing the feeling of being alive. How do I achieve this? There are many ways to feel alive. Allow me to list a few:

• dancing

• rain dancing

• standing in the rain

• drinking the rain

• listening to music (bonus points: in the rain)

• making flower crowns

• making art

• running (to add a dramatic effect, run in the rain)

• making good food

• talking to friends

• picking flowers

• giving trees names

All of these can be done in the rain, really.

Have a seat on the cartoon couch.

The color yellow is one I associate with the feeling of happiness. This is why it’s my favorite color.

While we’re on the topic, how do we actually know if the sun is yellow? I can’t look at it for more than two seconds without crying. It doesn’t look yellow to me. The sun is the color of blazing, which is a color I just made up on the spot.

If the sun is the color of blazing, then the moon is considered the color luminous. Do you know what that word reminds me of?


The Lumineers.

Am I really that predictable?

Apparently so.

Leader of the Landslide is seriously underrated and apparently considered explicit??? Bad words??? I didn’t even notice. I refuse to search for a clean version.

I can’t get over the fact that I live in a universe where music like this exists. What a time to be alive.

And now.

Back to my original topic.

What will I leave behind? Who’s going to discover this long forgotten space on the internet ten years from now when things have become far more advanced? Hopefully.

Will future readers smile at my silly remarks and bizarre artwork? Maybe.

A digital footprint is a neat concept. I hope I’m remembered as squirrel girl.

P. S. This post is a collaboration with my good buddy Clara. Go check out her blog. Do it. Do it now.

You won’t regret it. She is a fabulous human. 🙂

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Hi, I’m Rebekah. I’m an illustrator, writer, and ventriloquist. One of those things I just mentioned is a lie.


  1. considering the fact i had to go look up your blog as this lovely post refused to show up on the reader, i say i get to give you more than one compliment
    a treat
    because you like the lumineers, and if more people liked the lumineers maybe we’d have more people roaming the highways doing stupid harmless things and i have yet to see anything wrong with that situation
    and because
    before i would never have thought of you as squirrel girl
    no, you were the unconquerable gogetter who changed the world
    but see, i haven’t seen a squirrel in almost a year, and so
    when i do see one, i’ll think of you
    that’s it i ran out of words
    whatever you do leave behind, strange child with an affinity for nuts
    it will be
    and exploding


  2. why are you so funny
    and deEP
    like I need more combinations of those two things because who doesn’t like to be laughing and crying at the same time
    the irony is simply lovely
    I love this collab and your blog shdhsjdbdhdjhs
    power to the local dreamer ||-//


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