the boy that lives in my head doesn’t pay his rent

Rebekah: You’re always on my mind. No, you’re literally in it. Dude, you live in my brain.

Boy: And that’s my problem?

Rebekah: Yes.

Boy: ….

Rebekah: No response?

Boy: What else is there to say?

Rebekah: I can think of a few things…

Boy: And what are those things?

Rebekah: Well, if you’re not going to pay the rent you could at least offer to pay the electricity bill.

Boy: But the lights are always turned off in here. You said you don’t like the fluorescent lights and that they give you a headache.

Rebekah: Wow. You have a great memory.

Boy: I try to remember the little things you tell me.

Rebekah: I would find that usually flattering but instead I’m going to bully you into paying the water bill.

Boy: Ah, I’m sure that’s outrageously expensive.

Rebekah: Yes. You tend to take really long showers. Smelly boy.

Boy: You don’t have to be rude.

Rebekah: I apologize for my attitude.

Boy: Apology accepted, I guess.

Rebekah: Cool.

Back to reality.

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Hi, I’m Rebekah. I’m an illustrator, writer, and ventriloquist. One of those things I just mentioned is a lie.


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