celestial nothingness and what I imagine the void is like

As I floated aimlessly through the ominous void, one thing remained clear: there would be no tacos tonight. Apparently I’m no expert when it comes to teleportation. I’ve kept up to speed with my shapeshifting abilities, but teleportation is still new to me. If I were a wizard of some sort, I’d be ranked as level one.

Anyway, yeah, no tacos. It’s Tuesday. My mother promised me tacos before I accidentally teleported into this dark place. What’s the word? Oh, yeah. A void. No tacos in the void. Only the subtle scent of pumpkin spice latte, for some strange reason. Is it really that time of year once again?

The cool thing about the void™️ is that I can imagine something – anything – and it will appear in my hand. A puppy that smells like lavender? Poof. Take a look at what I’m holding. It’s a dog that smells like your mom’s DoTerra essential oils. Cool, right?

Hey, I think I see a light below me. Could I possibly be approaching the end of my seemingly never-ending voyage through darkness? I’m tired of levitating amongst what appear to be stars. Do you know how freaking difficult it is just drifting through the unknown? I’ve been here for hours. Oh, the light is getting closer. And closer. Am I falling? I’m falling. Dang it. The bright white circle beneath me is expanding. I’m going to die. Goodbye, cruel world.

The onyx colored celestial nothingness consumes me. I feel my body mimic shattered glass as I am reacquainted with the atmosphere.


I hit the ground. I’m still alive. I can’t hear anything. Oh, wait, that’s because I left my earbuds in. I pluck them from my ears. Ah, there we go.

Well, I’m no longer in the void. I’m sitting on the freshly cut grass in my backyard, allowing the mosquitoes to eat me alive. Each sting burns more and more as they each take turns drinking my blood like a juice box. Why am I being so descriptive? Not sure. Just wanted to get the point across. In other news, the mosquitoes have continued to consume my flesh one comically small bite at a time.

Hey, why don’t you join me in the void next time? We can play go-fish.

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Hi, I’m Rebekah. I’m an illustrator, writer, and ventriloquist. One of those things I just mentioned is a lie.


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